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Monday, April 4, 2016

Sing a Song or Two to Improve Parkinson's, Dementia, and Autism

Moving to the beat of a song and singing develops early on in infancy. Most of us have images of toddlers sweetly bouncing and bopping to music without any prior teachings. Music follows us through life, being exposed through entertainment and in every day life-think of all those times waiting on hold. It may be assumed with certain conditions, such as with neurological disorders, music would be inappropriate or aggravating. Science continues to prove contrary. Music-singing or playing of an instrument-has been found to enhance the quality of life and improve areas of function for those with Parkinson's, Dementia, and Autism.
One innovative tech company, SingFit out of LA, has developed a music program which can be used anywhere, providing music therapy for individuals or groups looking to stimulate their brain and reduce stress hormones. Beyond the basic benefits of improved happiness, music therapy has been found to be highly beneficial with neurological disorders, helping stimulate areas of breathing, regulating heart rate, increasing awareness and more.
Personally, I have witnessed the positive effect of music in many individuals afflicted with Dementia. The elderly gentleman who could no longer speak in comprehensible sentences but could sing a song in its entirety; the non-engaged older female with a blank stare who stood up to dance when music was turned on; the agitated and combative elderly female who smiled and was soothed by music for hours after it stopped playing. Locally,  a singing group was formed for those with Parkinson's Disease because of the known benefits. So, sing a song or two and don't be afraid to introduce this beneficial activity to someone you know regardless of their ability to speak or move.

Learn more about SingFit's innovative music therapy programs by clicking here

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