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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Communities can remain robust and thrive in today's aging world.

Northwest Montana continues to see an increase in demand for services in the long term care and aging industry. Like many communities across the nation, the ability to meet the demand for services while simultaneously focusing on preventative wellness and healthy aging is difficult. The challenges for businesses working in the senior care sector may include constraints due to weak budgets,tight regulations, more complex situations, and a decreasing geriatric workforce. Communities will continue to rely on the grass-roots efforts by many to help provide meals, socialization, and assistance with daily living tasks to the growing older adult population. Activity hubs, which also happen to provide nourishment, help keep communities connected with the hidden agenda of improving wellness and promoting healthy aging. Many areas in Montana populated by a large percentage of older adults are difficult to access due to mountainous terrain or remote locations, further constraining efforts made by agencies to reach everyone and provide the same level of services. Communities need to support the efforts of volunteers and encourage kindness and an occasional helping hand in order to remain robust and thrive in today's aging world.
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