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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Text me when my mother forgets to take her pill

There are so many new tech products for helping make our lives easier, more organized, and potentially safer. The opportunities are endless. From applications for quick response in a time of an emergency to the beeping pill bottle lids, there is a constant flow of new devices and assistive aids coming to market on an almost daily basis. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on insurance companies push to bring new things to market which assist with compliance in medication management. It's not just hospitals racing to improve their bottom line by implementing more aggressive quality control and improving standards of care. Health insurers will be judged by their members' ability to adhere to their  medication treatment plan with the number & timing of refills being evaluated. The tech market has included automatic dispensers, pill botttle lids which alarm when it is time for a dose, and text messaging being sent to a responsible party if a medication has not been taken. It's not just the younger generations getting used to the chirping, beeping, buzzing and honking of devices that tell us something important is happening. It turns out we're all connected in some way and the smartphone in my pocket may be just what my mother needs to take her pills.

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