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Friday, March 21, 2014

Changes to Itemized Deduction for 2013 Medical Expenses

Keep all receipts for medical expenses, including travel to and from appointments. Any unreimbursed medical and dental expenses you paid for yourself, your spouse, and/or your dependents qualify. Important information, especially if you are 65 and older. Read more:

Changes to Itemized Deduction for 2013 Medical Expenses

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The ignored and undervalued concept of advanced care planning

Last week there was a celebration in my living room. A commercial by a national investment & financial planning company was trying to persuade the viewer to plan for a retirement that lasts as long as 30 years or more. This was the second round of a campaign by this company to encourage Americans to prepare for a long journey through old age.  Hoorah for the healthcare delivery networks & providers who lay witness to the struggles within our communities in assisting older adults to obtain the needed care; whether it be due to financial woes, complex health issues or difficult social issues. Advanced care planning can help alleviate the stress and provide a framework for carrying out a person's wishes and identifying important factors such as caregivers, allocation of funds, end-of-life wishes, accessibility concerns for aging in place and community resources. With the average cost of home health care exceeding $50,000 per year and facility care ranging from $45,000-$90,000 per year, advanced care planning settles into a number one position when discussing retirement plans (Genworth Cost of Care Survey 2013). Professionals specializing in long-term care planning can assist by using a step-by-step method, establishing goals, and guiding a person through decision-making. Eagleview West specializes in long-term care planning. Learn More or Request a Care Planning Session.

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